Cross Qualification Service

Due Diligence on Your Listings

The purpose of this process is to protect the seller’s interests.  It’s about ensuring that the buyer is truly qualified. At the end of the day, unexpected delays and failure to perform can cost sellers; as well as potential referrals if your escrow fails to close or becomes an unpleasant experience.

Some lenders are more diligent in the pre-approval process than others and a desktop underwriting approvals can be meaningless if the lender hasn’t actually verified the information and inputted correct numbers into the system. With 24 years in the the mortgage business, I can help provide a layer of due diligence for your sellers.

Let your sellers know you offer this additional layer of protection.

Will it affect the number of offers I receive?

I recommend that you only have the buyer cross-qualified “once you know the seller has accepted the offer”. Since it can be done in only a few hours, most interested buyers will rush and provide the paperwork quickly. If something material presents itself, then this would be the time to know about it.

By not requiring “every single offer” to cross-qualify the process is greatly simplified.

What must I do to have my next listing Cross Qualified?

On your listing you can cut and paste this into the listing remarks section:

“If your offer is accepted, the buyer must be Cross-Qualified with seller’s preferred lender prior to opening escrow. Please contact Jaime Garcia (626) 768-0700 or”

How much do you charge for this service?

How much do you charge for this service?
I do not charge for this service. I provide this complimentary service for agents. If the contingency period ends and you need to strengthen your position, the seller can grant an extension with the condition of continuing with the seller’s preferred lender. I will always match or improve the loan terms.

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