Jumbo 20% Down 1 Unit

The loan amounts are higher than Conforming limits. The funds, credit, and income requirements become stricter due to increased risk with higher loan amounts.  Rates are higher than conforming rates, however we are really competitive on our rates.

Credit score: 720 Min.
Property type: SFR, Condo, Detached PUD’s
Occupancy: Primary residence
Down Payment: 20% Min.
Loan to Value: 80%     Max. CLTV: 80%
Gift Funds Not allowed
Closing cost: Seller and/or lender can pay up to 3%
Debt Ratio: 45%


Additional Notes:

  • Market Class Tier will may affect down payment minimum
  • Market Upgrade 5% available
  • Loan Amounts >$850,000 require 2 Appraisals
  • Fixed Period ARMS available
  • Non-Arms Length transaction on case by case
  • 6 months reserves required
  • Investor approval required
  • Condos must be Fannie Mae approved
  • Bankruptcy 7 yrs, Foreclosure 7 yrs, Short Sale 7 yrs.

This page contains program highlights only. See sidebar links for further information and details.

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