Maximum 20 Financed Properties 1-4 Units

Extended Guidelines

This loan is ideal for real estate investors that have exceeded the standard four properties financed limit and want to purchase additional investment properties. Investor may have up to 20 financed properties.


Credit score: 680 minimum
Property type: 1-4 Units, PUDS, Condos
Occupancy: Investment
Down Payment: See matrix
Loan to Value: See matrix
Gift Funds Never allowed
Closing cost: Max 6% up to 80% LTV, Max 2% below 80% LTV
Debt Ratio: 35/45%  40/50% with additional 12 mos. reserves


Additional Notes:

  • Condos must be Fannie Mae approved
  • No first time buyers on investment properties
  • No Previous Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
  • Self Employed borrowers are permitted
  • IRA/401K Reserves credited 70% current value
  • 35% Down, Max loan $650K, 680 score, 1-4 unit
  • 40% Down, Max loan 1M, 640 score, 1-4 unit
  • 50% Down, Max loan $650K, 700 score, Condo
  • Deferred-maintenance is acceptable. No structural issues.

This page contains program highlights only. See sidebar links for further information and details.

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