Referral Lead Purchase


    Hi, my name is . I am Jaime Garcia’s loan partner. You were referred to us by who sells houses. He/she said that you are interested in buying a house and asked us to call you and get you pre-approved. Do you have a few minutes?

    1. Did {Realtor's Name} inform you that I would be calling? Great.
    *Always honor the referral source*

    2. Have you spoke with and/or applied with a lender in the last 6 months?

    3. Have you purchased a home before? Do you own a property? If not, how many properties do you own?

    4. Tell me a bit about what you want to do. When do you plan on moving?

    5. Where do you want to move to?

    6. Have you see any homes in those areas that you like? What are prices like?

    7. How much of a down payment are you looking to come in with? Is the money in your bank account?

    8. What type of monthly payments are you comfortable with? Prefer impounds? How much do you pay in rent/mortgage?

    9. Who else will be buying with you?

    10. How much income do you make per month?

    11. Do you get hourly or salary?

    12. Tell me about your credit. Have you had any credit problems/events in the past? If you don’t know your score which best describes your credit repayment history - Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor

    Setup Office Appointment

    1. I have an appointment available _________________ or __________________. Which would work for you?
    Day of the week ,
    Date ,
    Time :AMPM.

    2. I have to gather just a little bit of information from you ... and then I will tell you what to bring for the appointment.

    3. What is your main concern when thinking about obtaining a home loan? Why?

    4. Listing Address & Price

    5.Is it ok if I run a credit report so it is ready for your appointment? Great, I need your social ...
    SSN {Write it down} Confirmed DOB
    SSN {Write it down} Confirmed DOB

    6.Here is what I will need you to bring ( Go over items to bring verbally. Give office location and office number 626.768.0700 )

    7.In closing let me verify that we have your best contact information.

    8.Great, we look forward to meeting you in person. Have a good day / evening !

    What to say if they don't want to set an appointment

    Triangle of Trust:
    1. How did you come to know {Realtor Name}?

    2. What did {Realtor Name} say about us?

    3. That’s great; our promise to you is that we will (Basically repeat what they just told you above, promise the same thing they said)

    4. {Leads Name}, before we get started, let me tell you how we prefer to work. Our goal is to give you the “highest level of customer service” possible; in order to do this, I need to ask you a very important question ...

    5. What is your main concern when thinking about obtaining a home loan?



    6. Our promise is we will (restate main concern) ... Is that fair? ...

    7. Thank you for answering that question, now we know what to concentrate on.

    8. {Leads Name}I have to ask additional important questions so that we can better help you, is that OK? (Jump to next section)

    Phone Application

    9. Take Loan Application using .
    Obtain just enough information to verbally prequalify. The financials and credit report will provide all the real details that will matter

    10. In order to move forward ... I have to run your credit. Can we look at your credit “right now”?

    11. The last step will be to look at your income documentation. We will need your tax returns, paystubs, bank statements and property related documents

    12. Would it be easier to fax or email them?

    13. When can I expect you to send the information to us?

    14. {Leads Name} as soon as we receive your documentation. We can obtain an automated approval for eligibility.

    15. Do you have any questions?
    If uncertain, then “Let me find out and Jaime or I will call you back with an answer”

    16. In closing let me verify that we have your best contact information.

    17. Great, we look forward to (receipt their main objective). Have a good day / evening !

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