Foreign National w/ 30% Down 1 Unit Investment

This loan is for Foreign Nationals that have a valid passport and visa. Must be strong borrower with no know blemishes and significant asset reserves. Income must be earned in the United States.


Credit score: Not required
Property type: 1 Unit, PUDS, Condos
Occupancy: Investment
Down Payment: 30% minimum
Loan to Value: 70%  CLTV:   70%
Gift Funds Allowed. minimum buyer contribution 10%
Closing cost: Seller and/or lender can pay up to 6%
Debt Ratio: 35/45%


Additional Notes:

  • Condos must be Fannie Maw approved.
  • No previous foreclosure if bankruptcy
  • Non U.S Citizen with valid passport and visa
  • Self Employed borrowers are permitted
  • Allowed. No buyer contribution required at 50% down.
  • 90 day seasoning for all assets – foreign or domestic
  • International credit report required
  • Minimum 24 mos. reserves with min. 12 mos. in a U.S account.
  • Established borrowers with banking relationships
  • Borrowers scrubbed against OFAC’s SDN list.

All program are subject to change at anytime without any further notice


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