Increase Credit Scores

Credit Score Improvement

We provide three key services to assist in increasing your credit score. We offer rapid re-score, credit simulator, and what-if-simulator. These services help us correct and/or update your credit score in only a few days. We do not charge for this service however the credit bureaus will charge a small rush fee.

Rapid Re-score
This is a service we provide for correcting/updating credit report items in as little as three business days. With rapid re-score things such as charge offs, collections, bankrupcty, balances and several other findings can be corrected quickly . Unlike with your typical credit report where changes in your score can take months or even years, rapid rescore makes those changes to your score in days.

Credit Simulator
This is a service that allows us to enter an “available funds” . Credit simulator will analyze the credit report and recommend how to best allocate “available funds” to achieve the highest score possible.

This service allows us to know what would be the new score under specific scenarios. In other words, I would know what the new score would after the credit report is updated. This is helpful to know if certain negative accounts might be worth paying off.

I want to clarify a point with this service. This service is provided for potential buyers who “have been re-establishing their credit”.  If unpaid accounts exists, they must be willing to pay or settle past obligations.

If you had a past client that comes to mind, this would be a great service to them.


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