Foreign National w/ 30% Down 1-4 Units

Portfolio Program

This loan is for Foreign Nationals that have a valid passport and visa. Must be a strong borrower with no known blemishes and significant asset reserves. Income must be earned in the United States.

Credit score: Not required
Property type: 1 Units
Occupancy: Second Home
Down Payment: 30% minimum
Loan to Value: 70%     Max. CLTV: 70%
Gift Funds Allowed. Minimum buyer contribution 10%
Closing cost: Seller and/or lender can pay up to 6%
Debt Ratio: 35/45%


Additional Notes:

  • Condos must be Fannie Mae approved.
  • No previous foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Non U.S. Citizen with valid passport and visa
  • Self Employed borrowers are permitted
  • Allowed. No buyer contribution required at 50% down
  • 90 Day seasoning for all assets – foreign or domestic
  • International credit report required
  • Minimum 24 mos. reserves, with min. 12 mos. in a U.S. account
  • Established borrowers with banking relationships
  • Borrower scrubbed against OFAC’s SDN list
  • 70% LTV- 625,000 loan amount
  • 50% LTV- 2,000,000 loan amount

This page contains program highlights only. See links on right side links for
further information and details.

All program are subject to change at anytime without any further notice


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