Loan Origination Heading

Please print this form. It may serve as a “checklist” and/or “fax/email cover letter” when sending items below.

To: Jaime Garcia

Customer Name: _________________________ Number of Pages: _______ including this cover page

Refinance Checklist

Below is a standard list of the items we will need for each borrower and real estate owned.

Borrower Documentation
______ Federal tax returns for last two years
______ W2’s for 2015 and 2014
______ Recent paystubs covering a one month period
______ Bank Statements for the last 2 months
______ ID or Driver’s License
______ Social Security card
______ Authorization form signed

______ Mortgage Statement, Fire Insurance, Property tax bill for each property owned

If applicable:

______ Resident Alien Card or Work Permit
______ Bankruptcy / Discharge Papers
______ Divorce Decree
______ Child Support Documentation
______ Business entity tax returns for last two years

______ HOA Statement (Condo only)
______ Loan Modification Agreement
______ Social Security Award/Benefits letter

Please send the items to the fax /email below or we can arrange a meeting in person. We prefer scan /email but
if that option is not available please send via fax. If you have any questions, please feel comfortable to call me at
the numbers below

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