Money back Guarantee

Our Pre-Approval Letters carry an assurance guarantee.

After we issue a Pre-Approval Letter,  I will refund any buyer‐paid appraisal and home inspection fee … if we cannot obtain a full Loan Approval.

Most Loan Applications will require the applicant to pay upfront fees as part of the loan application process.

  • Loan Application fee ( $500 -$1000)
  • Appraisal Report fee ( $400 – $600 )
  • Standard Home Inspection fee ( $400 – $800 )

These fees apply upfront because appraisers and home inspectors are providing their services regardless of outcome. Often loans are declined simply because the applicant ‘never’ fit the guidelines.  The Loan Officer is responsible for analyzing the credit, income and assets to determine qualifications. Underwriters are not involved in this process. In recent years banks have become pickier as to who they want to approve. What can you do? Ask your Loan Officer how confident they feel about their Pre-Approval terms. Then, ask if they are willing refund any loan-related fees if the loan is declined.

My commitment is to ensure that we thoroughly review all borrower’s job, income, credit. assets and reserves requirement upfront. With a high level of experience and knowledge, I am often able to foresee situations based on past experiences or circumstances.

I have been serving in mortgage for 24 years and I confidently extend this limited money-back guarantee.

Jaime A Garcia
Mortgage Specialist

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